MPTE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) is the process of using machine translation for a document and then having it edited by a translator. Supported by the technological approach of neural machine translation, machine translation has evolved dramatically during the past dozen years. Moreover, machine translation, in combination with manual editing, has made the translation process more efficient. Having employed this approach for more than ten years, Synergy Translations is equipped for the management of multiple machine-translation engines/platforms. Not only will we find the machine-translation engine that matches the features of your documents and languages, but we'll also infuse the process with expert terminology management.

In what circumstances would you need MTPE?

  1. MTPE is appropriate for projects that have higher requirements with respect to delivery and workload but lower expectations in terms of quality. If you need to have large portions of texts translated in a short period of time, MTPE may be the most convenient option. However, your consent is the prerequisite to this solution because it could double the error rate if considerable work has to be completed very quickly. Nevertheless, we incorporate multiple measures to mitigate quality problems in the completion of contingency tasks, including the selection of team leaders to take charge of the project, making full use of the time by assigning supervisors to manage the entire workflow while increasing the frequency of monitoring in workflow management.
  2. MTPE is also suitable for clients who want to spend as little as possible without pursuing the ultimate standard of quality. If you plan to simply allocate an extremely limited budget to a project and agree to lower the quality requirement, we may recommend the use of MTPE.

Will we charge for human translation services but use MTPE instead?
Our mission, as always, is to demonstrate "integrity" and "diligence." Those two words represent everything we do. We consider the provision of high-quality translation services for clients as our primary task and client satisfaction as the greatest reward. So, any use of MTPE will only occur with the client's consent, and the charges generated will be in accordance with the use of that methodology. To ensure the integrity of each transaction, the requirements for the prohibition of machine translation have been incorporated into our internal rules for personnel management and performance evaluation.

Given the dozens of machine-translation engines that are available, there comes the question, "Which one is best?" Based on substantial research and the current theory, we can conclude that no single machine-translation engine will satisfy every scenario. So, the best solution can only be determined on the basis of your language pair and subject area.

If you want a great MTPE service partner, Synergy Translations is the right choice. Our professional services have earned the respect of the industry and clients worldwide.