Translation: IT

As the IT industry has ushered in high-speed development with Web 3.0, all aspects of our work and life have become inseparable with IT. Based on the macroscopic context of economic globalization, the market demand for IT translation services also witnesses increasing growths. Fields of the IT industry that require translation services generally include the provision of basic IT technologies, the transformation of IT into products, the integration of IT products, computer and computer peripheral manufacturers, the systematization of IT products, the circulation of IT products, IT products and services, IT-related consulting and after-sales services, PR support for the IT industry, IT media, third-party services for the IT industry, IT engineer training and exchanges organized by cooperation organizations in the IT industry. As IT translation relies heavily on expertise in the corresponding fields and can involve large-volume translations of terminology, specialists who undertake IT translations must have knowledge of the corresponding fields and their industrial backgrounds in addition to proficiency in language and text composition. With a professional team that has significant experience in IT translation, we deliver quality multilingual translation services for our clients.

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