Our services are sought by Global Fortune 500 companies, including Mercedes-Benz, Bank of China, Shell, Heineken, LG and Samsung as well as government agencies such as the People's Government of Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government Foreign Affairs Office and the Consulate General of Belgium in Guangzhou. Over the years, our clients have spoken very highly of our services:
"Our documents contain technical details throughout the whole manufacturing process. But I'm quite surprised to see Synergy Translations completed the documents with high accuracy that even amazed our in-house reviewer." –Toyo Seikan

"Our documents contain specialized knowledge, complex techniques and a lot of jargons. Your translations are accurate, and your service is punctual." – Baosteel

"Before you, we have engaged other translation agencies, but they delivered unreadable translations. It's lucky that we found you. Your rates may be a bit higher, but the high-quality product you deliver makes it worth the cost. I can rely on your services."- Subaru

"Your highly-skilled interpreters are just what we need. We also thank you for your patience and professional service!" – Consulate General of Belgium in Guangzhou

"We've decided to select Synergy Translations as our language service provider for the second year because of your responsible attitude, premium quality and incredible patience. Our yearbook enjoys wide recognition. Thank you!" – Office of Local Chronicle Compilation of Guangdong Province