MultiMedia Localization

An abbreviation for multimedia localization, MM L10n employs multimedia elements in the source file (text, images, audio, videos, etc.) to easy-to-understand content for users in the target market, such as translating the audio of an English video to Chinese before adding Chinese and English subtitles to the video and replacing the English voices with Chinese voices. MM L10n is a special breed of translation in the face of the multimedia industry. To effectively and efficiently complete such a process that is, in nature, laborious and complicated, requires targeted capabilities of coordination, organization and management, as well as professional software, hardware and specialists. The typical workflow for an MM L10n project includes the following processes:

Audio translation
This is a process where an audio or the audio of a video (such as a segment of dialogue or narration) is recorded in written form by listening, whereupon the record is translated into the target language and incorporated into the original program.

Synergy Translations offers comprehensive audio-translation services.
Dubbing and subtitling
With a team of excellent voice actors and linguists, we provide professional dubbing and related services such as translation, embedded subtitle processing and video burning in the client's preferred media and format. Synergy Translations is known for its facility in dubbing. Our voice actors deliver the emotion, tone, rhythm and dynamics needed for every scene they handle.
Technical video/audio modification
Synergy Translations offers comprehensive technical services for the modification of video and audio content. No matter how sophisticated your audio-video requirements are, our engineers can handle them for you.
Video/audio editing
Synergy Translations provides top-class video/audio editing services. Our engineers will edit a video or audio program to answer the highest expectations in regard to your project.