Synergy Translations, based in Guangzhou, China, is a respected provider of translation and' target='_blank'>interpreting services. We now have a long-term English to Spanish/French/Italian/Portuguese (Europe)/Portuguese (Brazil)/Romanian/Russian/Polish/German translation project about medical equipment.
Project nature: Translation
Languages: English to Spanish/French/Italian/Portuguese (Europe)/Portuguese (Brazil)/Romanian/Russian/Polish/German  Wanted
Field: Medical equipments
Payment method: Paypal/Alipay/WeChat
Budget: Depends on translation quality
Volume: 100,000 words in total (Long-term)
Job requirements:
1. Extensive experience in terms of similar projects. If not, please send back the latest resume and briefly describe your areas of expertise. 
2. Ensure translation quality.
3. Good cooperation attitude.
Interested parties, please finish the test below, and send me your resume and rates to If you have relevant language certificates, you can send them back together.
Test (You can select just one field or multiple fields):
If you don't mind, I'd like to confirm a few questions about cooperation with you.
1. What is your best rate for translating or proofreading?
2. What is the time zone of your city?
3. How many words can you translate every day? Do you work on weekends?
4. Do you have experience with cat tools, if so, which one is it?
6. Do you accept payment at the beginning of the following month and payment via PayPal?
As we need to proceed with the next step, your quick reply will be appreciated.