Localization: Games

Unlike the conventional process of language conversion, our game-translation services focus on the localization of your game's text, images, UI and marketing content. Additionally, we scale up our services by advising on your game content on the basis of the target region's culture and customs so that we can maximize the user experience. Thanks to a team of translators and proofreaders who are experienced players, we deliver game-localization services that are state-of-the-art. To date, we’ve cooperated with many game developers, including Tencent, NetEase, Leiting, Electronic Soul, Bilibili and Gamera. We've completed numerous game-localization projects, which have involved many of the following tasks:

In addition to translation, Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) is another key part of game localization. In regard to this, we pay particular attention to the following issues:

  1. Translation quality: Grammatical mistakes, incomplete translation, wrong translation, excessive translation, wording inconsistency, etc.;
  2. Style/plot: Consistency related to buttons & UI, style & tone of NPC lines, inconsistency between the translation and the story line, etc.;
  3. Interface design: Translated text outside the textbox, overlapping each other or in the wrong place, errors in label loading, etc.

What if LQA were to be excluded from game localization?
There is substantial case-based evidence that excessive mistakes in localization will do great harm to the game experience of your target players. This is fatal to a game that involves a large investment, particularly AAA games. Imagine the deluge of complaints in regard to poorly localized content, and the importance of LQA is easy to see.

If you want a reliable game-localization partner, Synergy Translations is the perfect choice. Our professional, reliable services help you thrive and grow in the competitive marketplace.