English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment wanted
We, Synergy Translations need 2 English-Chinese simultaneous translations.com' target='_blank'>interpreters for Home Appliances Conference, and simultaneous interpretation equipment.
Time: One day at the end of September
Work location: A Luxury Hotel in Phuket Island, Thailand
Job requirements:
1. Good listening and speaking ability in both languages.
2. Ability to adapt special situations.
3. Applicants with experience in interpretation or translation in Home Appliances, or years of experience in simultaneous interpretation are preferred.
4. Applicants are required to take a 15-minute test.
If you are an interpreter interested in this job, please contact us as soon as possible, send your resume and best rate to the email: jz@xinshify.com.cn.
The format of the email subject and resume name must be:
Name + English-Chinese Simultaneous Interpreter+ Home Appliances Conference in September + Quotation RMBXXX + Your Address
If you are a local supplier who can provide simultaneous interpretation equipment, please send your best price list to the email: jz@xinshify.com.cn.
The format of the email subject and file name must be:
You company name + simultaneous interpretation equipment + Home Appliances Conference in September + Quotation + Your Address
Let us know your name, phone number and your long-term place so that we can to recommend more projects to you. We will appreciate if you introduce your classmates and friends to us or forward this information. Please let us know if you are disturbed.
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Company name: 广州信实翻译公司 Guangzhou Synergy Translations
Sina Weibo account: 广州信实翻译公司 Guangzhou Synergy Translations
Tel: +8620-38258749   or   +86 135 1272 1547
WeChat account: +86 135 1272 1547
Company website: www.synergytranslations.com