The test translation of the comic project is the following table and you can find the original comics below the table.

How can you say that? The President of dad’s company has a crush on you and wants to meet you.  
You know the company is lying off workers. If you don’t go, dad will lose his job.  
Dad works hard to support the family.  
You should think about him...  
That shouldn’t be the reason you cheated me into doing such a nasty thing!  
Kate! Enough!  
Who do you think you are? Are you qualified to yell at me?  
Dad didn’t tell you because he knew your personality, but I saw he try to suicide that day!  
I know I set you up! But I’m doing this for family!  
You should remember!  
You’ve killed my mother!  
I’ll never allow you to kill dad and break up the family!  
You should remember who you are!