Zong Jinghao slightly nodded his head, the perfect lines of the jaw at this moment inexplicably tightened a few points, faintly spit out a word, "Say."
"Eight years ago Lin Guoan and Zhuang Ziji divorced, they sent their mother and daughter to live in A country, never returned in these eight years, until not long ago, only by Lin Guoan picked back."
Zong Jinghao frowned, this is the reason she knows the language of country A, because she lived there?
"Is that all?" Obviously these, did not satisfy him.
Guan Jin's voice hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth again, "After Zhuang Ziji was sent to A, she gave birth to a boy, suffering from autism, living in relative straits, and this boy, died in a car accident before they came back."
Zong Jinghao frowned, his expression grew deeper and deeper, the sadness that came out of her eyes last time was because of her brother?
Then the child in her belly, "No more? No man has appeared around her?"
"No - only a heart doctor and her closer." Guan Jin carefully check the information sent to the investigators there, passed over, "No more, did not have a relationship in school, and no other male and her close."
In other words, the child in his belly might be that heart doctor's.
She would be picked up by Lin Guoan because of the marriage contract with him that brought her back to marry someone?