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Minor Shielding  
1: Increase Max Hit Points by 10  
2: Increase Armor Class by 1 to 1, Based on Class  
Earn the Rank of Grand Commander by earning %d Medals by defeating other players.  
Intel reports Talon Copters in enemy territory. Looks like they're getting ready to counterattack. Knock 'em out before they're ready.  
Stranded on an island while a terrifying storm is coming, Survivors have to repair a ship to leave. However, Saboteurs just want to place obstacles in the way! Use voice chat and play a drama queen to take control of or see through everything in Werewolf-like social game Island of Deception.  
Xiao Qiao summons meteors that fall on nearby enemies for 5s. Each meteor deals [106300p1q2+106300p1g2*sl-106300p1g2+106300p1q4*k2/10000] <color=#f264ff>magical damage</color>. <color=#4f6f95>Player receives Healing Smile speed increase while casting. When multiple meteors hit the same target, the target takes 50% damage from the second meteor onward. Each enemy may be attacked up to 4 times.</color>  
Li Bai first made a name for himself as the greatest living swordsman of his day with the "Marking of the Vermilion Gate", after which he left Chang'an on a long, wandering, and at times dissolute, journey across the empire as a travelling swordsman with something to prove. Li Bai eventually returned to his hometown on the Cloud Desert many years later, only to find ruins where the bustling community had once stood.