Source Target
Mowing Robot  
1. Please keep the robot 10 cm from the edge with height difference greater than 4 cm when controlling it remotely.  
2. Areas narrower than 1 m are hard for robot to pass. Please make sure the boundary width is at least 1 m when creating boundaries remotely.  
3. Please do not manually move the robot when remotely creating boundaries, otherwise the mapping will fail.  
4. When creating boundaries remotely, please make sure the turning angle is more than 90°.  
Some zones are not connected by a path. They are inaccessible to the robot. Are you sure you want to finish the map?  
All-area mowing, edge mowing, temporary zone mowing and spot mowing work only according to general mowing preference.  
You can set different mowing preferences for each zone. With this function enabled, customized preferences will be applied to zone mowing tasks (including zone mowing tasks on the schedule).
2. If there are multiple Wi-Fi networks, you can go to Settings > Connections and select "Add Wi-Fi Network" to add multiple networks.